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Cost effective high output heating panels

Infrared heating panels are electrically powered reducing your CO2 emission particularly with a renewable only supplier

Infrared heating panels
Infrared heating panels

* Infrared panels in picture are ceiling mounted which is a great space saving method of install, they can also be wall mounted…

Infrared Heating

Heating the same way as the sun, infrared heat is healthier radiant heat without requiring convection to move air around the room causing dust.

Infrared heating heats the objects and walls and floors in the room which retain and heat the room consistently even after the device is turned off. This method, rather than heating the air, is more effective, healthier and consistent in heat output than traditional radiators.

High performance infrared heating equipment with very low operational costs


Low energy consumption and very cost effective to buy new or retrofit

Easy Installation

Simple to install, but must be installed by a RECI certified electrician by law


Set the temperature from an app on your phone or use one of our simple controls


One step towards fighting climate change and reducing global warming

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You will need help understanding how to choose the correct sized panels and also where to place the panels in order to get the most from the system. Let one of our dedicated team talk you through everything you need to know.

Infrared red heating panels are beautifully designed, sleek yet powerful