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Solar never looked so good. Performance. Aesthetics. Service.

Solar done right

  • 100% in-house team
    Our team is with you every step of the way, from your free consultation to follow-up service.
  • We’re your local experts
    We know the local codes and regulations inside and out, focusing on a select few markets in the industry and delivering excellence each time.
  • Tier-1 system backed by our 25-year product warranty & 30-year performance warranty

  • Jinko and Meyer Burger panels backed by two decades of research and development

  • Powerful output, durable panels, versatile function

  • Remote monitoring capability for real-time analytics

  • Symmetrical: SolarSol Roof Jacks allow us to install perfectly symmetrical arrays with consistent triple-black panels

  • Sleek: A system skirt, flush-cut rails, and no visible conduits provide a clean finish

  • Critter Guard: Aesthetically pleasing all-weather, long-lasting critter guards keep out debris and limit pest intrusion

  • A dedicated and certified in-house team

  • Free consultation so we can offer the best recommendations

  • We’ll ensure you get the best savings with SEAI incentives

  • One-day system installation so you’re saving sooner

We use only sleek, high quality top quality products that compliment your home

We do it the right way, not the rushed way.

Solar is a smart investment for future savings, with a long-term impact on your home. We take the extra care to ensure you have the best install possible.