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Why Us?

Why SolarSol? Experience the industry’s highest-quality products, the best-looking installs, our certified in-house team, and the biggest savings.

SolarSol is one of Ireland’s leading specialist contractors for the installation of solar PV and battery storage systems. We’re extremely experienced in the design, supply and commissioning of new build and retrofit projects, working in conjunction with electrical contractors, principal contractors, architects and consultants. 

We can provide a whole range of on-roof and in-roof solar PV systems, as well as building integrated PV and customised panels. These can be incorporated with battery storage and electric vehicle charging.

Our System

More power means more savings, and more savings means a greater return on your investment. 

Our Panels

We supply the highest-quality solar panels for residential and commercial properties. Our expert knowledge can help guide you toward the perfect panel. 

People choose to buy  solar panels online for various reasons. Solar is an unlimited renewable energy source that doesn’t produce CO2 emissions or other gases is , because it doesn’t consume fuel or require other resources, such as water or wind.

This is one aspect that makes it one of the most interesting systems for producing energy from the environmental perspective and this is the main reason why you should buy a residential solar panel online in Ireland.

But there are plenty of other benefits of solar energy that aren’t quite as obvious. Here are a few:


Zero energy-production costs

Solar energy doesn’t require any outside supply to work, so its maintenance and energy production costs are practically zero. After the manufacture and installation of the components, solar is pretty much free. This means that despite the large initial investment, there are no additional costs associated with its use, so the installation is recovered quickly. 


Less energy lost during long-distance transport

Losses during transport and distribution of energy increase with the distance between the production and supply points. These affect the performance of the installation in densely populated areas.

With photovoltaic panels on rooftops, the distances are drastically reduced, increasing the efficiency of the electrical system. 

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Our Inverters

Solar Inverters are one of the most crucial elements of any Solar Energy system. They allow the conversion of direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) and make the energy used for a wide variety of residential, commercial and industrial applications. These include powering various instruments ranging from commercial and regular home appliances like refrigerators, TVs, and microwaves to huge industrial equipment.

Solar inverters also play a pivotal role in monitoring the performance of the entire solar system and provide diagnostic data required to identify and fix any technical failures. Additionally, with inverters, users can also store excess energy in batteries or feed it back to the main power grid.


Role Of Solar Inverters include

• Convert DC to AC power

• Maximize the energy that is produced

• Ensure safe system operations

• Efficiently track the power output

• Improve the grid assistance capacities



• Reliable and trusted technology

• Very affordable

• Easy to maintain as these are installed in locations that can be accessed easily

• Highly efficient

• Available in three options of phases

• Reduces the cost of installation as no specialized equipment or tool are needed

• High flexibility in design

• Reduced power consumption

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Our Batteries

If you already have solar panels or looking to install a new solar panel, you can get the most of your energy system. By installing solar battery storage we can capture excess electricity generated by your panels. This is a great way to improve the generation of electricity and the performance of the system throughout the day.


Some of the benefits of solar battery storage.

Power When You Need It

One of the biggest problems with solar panels is that they only produce electricity when there’s light outside. Usually, this is when you’re not at home because of daytime activities like work and kid’s sports. Clouds and shade can also reduce the output of solar panels, causing your home to have to draw off the grid if it’s using too much electricity.

With a battery, the energy that your solar panels create that isn’t used at the time of its generation gets stored. You can use the stored energy at night or doing those cloudy times when you’re at home without having to draw off the grid.


Energy Security

The ability to store energy allows you to be less dependent on the grid for additional power. If you live in a place that experiences frequent brownouts or has a decaying energy infrastructure, solar batteries can help insulate you from the consequences of poor grid management.

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Our Services

Our solar systems aren’t cookie-cutter. Like any addition to your home, it should be customised and tailored to your needs. With a dedicated project manager and certified in-house team, you’ll be in the know from beginning to end. We handle it all—from SEAI regulations and making sure every step is clear to ensuring you’re taking advantage of SEAI incentives. With Enrgen, your switch to solar could be complete in one day.

How you can save

More power means more savings, and more savings means a greater return on your investment. No other solar installer can save you more than we can. We guarantee it